There are 500 numbered copies and I handpainted all of them together with my friends. My flat in Berlin was covered in vinyl. Up From Ocean has slide guitars singing to electronic waves sweeping in a sailing rhythm. It's about waking up on a tropical island after a storm. Like getting back on your feet and enjoying life.
Disco Club features a human bass line that I was humming on the way home at 4 am. For Stronger Than This I used samples of a computer generated voice - a cyber woman. The phrases were kind of guiding comands and started with "greetings welcome to the virtual comand environment. I'm the artificial intelligence who'll be assisting you". The hole idea was to have cyber woman guide me through my confusing love life which was all about mixed signals.

"there's a schizophrenic charm in the way Mortenson layers reverbed moans, giddy squeals, goofball catcalls, wiry pitch-bent steel guitar, 80s hiphop mouth bass, cartoon sound FX, and the whole of the kitchen sink" Popmatters

"a full listening experience" Popmatters

"the finest Electrosoul. This is crazy groovy" Intro

Heidi Mortenson - Diamonds & Underwear EP (2008) by WIRED RECORDS